Exchange Account & Internet E-Mail account within same profile

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I have an Outlook 2000 Profile, with one Microsoft Exchange Server (as a primary account) and an Internet E-Mail account within the same profile.

My question is:
a) How do I automatically separate the mails arrived from Exchange account and Internet E-Mail account to two different Inbox folders?

b) How do I automatically send a mail out using Exchange account and Internet E-Mail account?

c) Do I need to use VBA or will Rules Wizard suffice?

d) How will the mails frequency be checked? E.g. 10 minutes for Internet E-Mail, 1 minute for Exchange?

Thanking you in advance.
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a) you can either setup 2 profiles  control panel -> mail
   or you can use rules to sort the mail.
b) you would pick one outgoing server to send everything from.
c) Possibly rules wizard
d) you should be able to set preferences in outlook, when you want to be able to check

The easiest way to handle this is to make use of rules...

Create 2 new folders in the inbox. One for each mail account. Then create 2 rules, one for each mail address. Each rule has to point to one mailbox and one folder.

Don't forget to turn the rules on!!!!


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