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I use "Mail Address Masquerade" to Masquerade our Internal Mail Address
( to Internet Mail Address ( so that we can receive the "reply mail".
> We Succeeded in "Internet" but failed in "internal":
> When Internal(local)user send a mail to another
Internal(local)user,the problem occured:when another localuser reply this local mail,the "reply Address" of the mail is "" rather than"",and the mail goes out rather than local deliver.(I cannot add to my sendmail cfg file named "local-host-names",because if so,when I send a mail to a user in parent company whose domain is star-group,such as,the mail will be locally dilivered).
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To fix this you need to tell sendmail that it handles mail for the external domain name ( via local-host-names. And you have to tell sendmail who local users within both domains and where to forward mail for non-local users. That's best done with virtusertable records that would look something like:       user1       user2            user1          user2     
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