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Im just new in networking..can someone tell step by step on how will i make a mail server? i know that i had to have a domain name and hosting..but whats next? :) what specification do i need for the mail server? will i need NT Server as my OS? what? :)
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Friend, you even don't know what's OS as you need. I think nobody can teach you more.........

You need:
1. A computer connected to the internet
2. A program running on said computer that accepts mail from the outside internet and sends away mail from the inside network.
3. An agreement with a computer on the outside to both accept your outgoing mail and send in your incoming mail.

That's about it.  As for specifications...  well, that obviously depends on how much mail you want to process.  For just yourself and other people in the house, and old Pentium class or even lower will do fine.  RedHat Linux includes a mail server and even has an installation option to pretty much set up everything for you automatically.

Are you a potential new spammer?  Be aware that people will hunt you down if so - spamming is illegal in most state of the US and requires all kinds of shady activity to work.
Ambitious, yes.  However, you will need to do a tremendous amount of learning to be able to accomplish what you are asking.  More so than can be taught here.  

This is easy, You could have any version of windows 9X or win me 2k Nt etc. Download a copy of Mdaemon, from and set it up, its so easy you'll actually enjoy it. You have to have a domain resolving to your ip address, but thats not a problem, register the domain and use a free dns providor like to manage it.
If you have more problems e-mail me will help you out one on one.
Good Luck
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