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I am new to perl, I am trying to parse an html file for a specifc link.

Basically i am trying to copy the cd cover images from amazon, so i need to parse the html page for the album and extract the link that points to the album photo, the relevant section of the html is:

<a href="image address">See larger photo</a>

where every page should contain this link, any ideas on the regexp to do this?

Also when i am searching in perl using m// or s///, how do I extract the results into a separate variable?

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Actually what you need is to use a HTML library. It´s not possible to do a good regexp to deal with all HTML files and tags.
You should look at that previous answer...

Hope that helps.
regex to get the image address from the example above would be:

$htmlfile = "<a href=\"image address\">See larger photo</a>";

$htmlfile =~ m/\<a href\=\"(.*?)\"\>See larger photo\<\/a\>/isg;

print $1;


Cheers, I have got this working now (for normal cases anyway):-

For others interest, help the two methods look like:-

Tree Version

   # Build an HTML tree of the search results
   my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->new();
   # Search through the tree looking for the 1st link
   # that has the txt "See Larger Photo"
   my $photo_link= ($tree->look_down('_tag', 'a',
     sub {
           return unless $_[0]->attr('href');
           my @c= $_[0]->content_list;
           @c == 1 and $c[0] eq "See larger photo";
   $output= $photo_link->attr('href');

Regex Version

   # Parse the search result for the cover location
   $htmlfile = $response->content;
   if ($htmlfile =~ m/\<a href\=\"(.*?)\"\>See larger photo\<\/a\>/i)
     $photo_link = $1;
     print "You Are Not At The Item Page\n";
   # Return the album cover
   return $photo_link;

I am currently unsure which version to use, A more suitable option might appear once i have to handle cases that don't have a single search result...



I want to give Wizard2000 the points aswell as that answer helped also... is this possible?
Drop a note in the community support forum explaining the point distribution you want with a pointer to this question.

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