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DIV over IFRAME in Opera 6+

In IE and NS, I have a DIV(z-index=2) that has no problem displaying over an IFRAME(z-index=1).  However, in Opera the IFRAME is always displaying over the DIV.  

I've tried containing the IFRAME in another DIV but still get the same undesired result.  The IFRAME is a must since I need to change the SRC constantly.

Thanks in advance...
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you must be using very new versions of NS and IE, because past versions would have had the same problem you are having with opera, where the IFRAME would always stay on top, as IFRAME had an infinite z-index.

It might just be that IE and NS have finally updated their browsers to fix this problem, and Opera has not yet.

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Are you able to post the code?
I wonder how you could get the IFrame 2 work in NS. Maybe you are using NS6.2, because I know that the earlier versions couldn't handle IFrames.
There is a workaround for your problem, by changing your Iframe to a DIV, but you'll need a little serverside coding.... Is this an option?
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You're correct that I'm using the latest browsers: Netscape 6.2+ and IE5.5+. However server-side scripting is not an option but I appreciate your input.

That does work. However, hiding the iframe on mouseover is not an option since the iframe covers 80% of the page and would not be consistent with how IE and Netscape handle the current process. I do thank you for your input.


Maybe one of these days we will have some kind of standard...I'm not holding my breath.
This question has been abandoned. I will make a recommendation to the
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It is time to clean this abandoned question up.  

I am putting it on a clean up list for CS.

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