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I use winsock in my vb6 apps to make connection to a server.  Once the connection is established and I want to send out data immediately, it fails.  Here is the code:

tcpClient.RemoteHost = ""
tcpClient.remotePort = remotePortNum
tcpClient.Connect ""
If tcpClient.State = sckConnected Then
   tcpClient.SendData "This is client"
   Dim w As String
   w = "There is a problem"
   MsgBox w, vbCritical, "Connection Error"
   Exit Sub
End If

I am sure the connection is ok but it just goes to the else statement 'connection error'
However, if I don't do the if then else here.  But have an extra button, cmdA, set in my application.  Once the cmdA is click and execute the same if then else within the event.  It works perfectly ok.  Any idea why?  The socket doesn't have enough wait time to send out signal?

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you arent connected yet. Your code executes faster then your client can do a handshake with the server to set up the connection. Try monitoring your winsock_connection event instead...
Check this out, this will explain everything you need to know about winsock, Its not mine, but its where i learned a lot of it.
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msy be ur server might not be running properly or running on a diff port

ghardy, any luck? Need more help etc?
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