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Since I put several of my users on their new automounted home directories they have been complaining that they can't find their home directory. Other than the huge "Home" button on the button bar I totally agree with them ;). They are now used to navigating to Mac HD:Users:<username> through Finder and are having difficulty understanding that the files are stored in Network:Servers:Server:Users:<username>.

Can anyone suggest a way to mount a home directory on the users local machine at Mac HD:Users:<username>? If I were doing this on a Unix based network I would export the home directories via NFS and mount them on the workstations at /home/<username>. How complicated is it to do this in Mac OS X 10.2 Server with the clients/workstations being authenicated via NetInfo? Is it possible to create a solution to this using NetInfo and AFP rather than NFS?

Many thanks

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Well, first of all, You should be able to mount NFS-volumes on a Mac. There should be no problem.

Secondly, why don't you just put an Alias (or a soft link, for that matter) onto the user's desktop and tell them to use this. This should be much easier than fingering into the system's gutts.

But if you want, you can still change the user account settings to use a network volume as home directory. After all, MacOS X is a full-fledged Unix system. There is just no edit field in the Prefs panel for the user directory, but with the command line tools, it's possible.


Make an alias of Home Directory in the root of the harddrive.  I have found that to work best for me when in the save dialoge box of a program.  And for Finder purposes I put an alias of the folder in the dock.

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