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sktripuraneni123 used Ask the Experts™
I have a question which might be simple for u to answer.
Usinf the frontpage I have created a FEEDBACK form and added some text controls
I have my entire website in a shared directory and all the users who have access to the drive(shared) can view the html files.
I do not have any web server set up in the drive.
What i need to know is if the user hits the "sumbit" button i want the data from the form to be sent to an Email address i have mentioned. i went to the properties of the form and changed the destination to the required email. Can this be done without the setup of web server
Can anyone help me out please
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Won't work without a web server.

Saving Form Results as Files or E-Mail

The FrontPage Save Results component receives data from an HTML form and then saves it on a Web server, sends it by electronic mail, or both. Save Results can format data as Web pages or simple ASCII text, build data files ready for importing into database or spreadsheet applications, or add information directly to databases.

The Save Results component absolutely requires presence of the FrontPage Server Extensions, both on the Web server you'll use for testing and on the server your visitors will use. If this is a problem, you'll have to get your system administrator to install the extensions, find another provider, or change your approach.

Does this answer your question?

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Yup, you need a web server...if it is an ASP enabled web server, you can use the CDONTS object to send emails.


so what is this "mail to:" i have seen something like this
form action:mail to:xxxx
so cant i send the data using that format or any script to forward the data to an email and save it as a file in the drive
let me know
Yes, you can use MailTo:

This is a client-side solution.  Here's an example:

<form name="MyForm" action=" subject you want"
     method="post" encType="text/plain">

This will cause a confirmation window to popup on the  user's machine.  If he says NO, then you  will not get any data.


This works and thank you, this is what i wanted

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