Repairing a DJ 1600CM - Which part, and from where?

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I have a DeskJet 1600CM.

It was working flawlessly after I stripped it down
to clean it, then I wrapped it in plastic and put
it on a shelf about six months ago.
It was wrapped in plastic to simply keep dust out
of it while being stored, and did not have ink
cartridges in it.

Well, my mom's printer just bit the dust, so I
offered this 1600 to her. The problem is that
the unit is now nonfunctional, and I'm trying
to figure out which PCB assembly needs to be

I power it on and it goes through the normal self-test
motions, except that the motor driving the print-carriage
moves only a tiny bit or not at all.
In addition, all front-panel lights remain on.
But the motor driving the paper-handling is fully
operational, and even ejects any paper in the path
when turned on.

I believe the problem is with the control board that
drives the motors, but there seems to be an unusual
ticking/buzzing noise coming from the base. I'm still
not sure if it's coming from the power-supply area,
or if it's from the control board, so therein lies
my problem in figuring it out. The noise doesn't
occur if I've removed the mechanicals from the base
or disconnected the electrical connections.

While I've serviced these printers before, I'm not
qualified to do anything more than stick my multimeter's
probes into the circuits, and I wouldn't even know what
I'm looking for. I've found a source that will sell me
a refurbished controller board(C3540-60117) for US $39,
or a refurbished power supply(0950-2600) for US $44.16,
but I just don't know how to identify the actual problem.
With either price being below the average cost of a new,
high-quality inkjet printer, I'd rather go the route
of repair instead of replacement.

So the questions are this:
1) How can I determine which component needs replacement?
2) What's the most cost-effective source for replacement
parts of this nature?

I'm offering 200 points because I'm hoping to determine
if one or more components are indeed faulty, and because
I'm hoping to find the most cost-effective source of parts
for someone not affiliated with any sort of repair shop
or other service facility.
If I need to replace two or more parts on the printer,
I'll simply replace it and forego the repair. I'll just
use it as a parts source for my other(working) 1600CM.
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From what you describe I would plum for the Controller.

Do you have anyone that you could give the Power Supply to who could test it underload ? or even someone with another 1600CM ?

If you can get 2nd user boards can you aquire a 2nd user 1600CM & make one worker out of the two ?

Could the unit just be damp & need a bit of drying out?

The unit sounds like it is getting part way through initalization - try cleaning & lubricating the carrage bar. I know some folks will balk at this but a wipe down with WD40 or some other silicon based lubricant may help (this should not really be done as it will collect dust in the bearings but if you realisticly consider the lifespan of one of these units I would argue that this will only help rather than hinder)

Another possible reason could be a main motor failure which could account for the buzzing sound - it's attempting to turn but encountering too much internal friction (possibly due to a rust layer inside).

To be quite honest with the price of current printers we find it is more cost effective to replace this type of inkjet rather than effect a repair.

One other thing you do not mention is how much use has this unit had before you packed it away. The one thing you do not want to find is replacing the faulty part only to find that shortly afterwards the mechanics give up the ghost & more bits need replacing.

Although I've not provided a definative answer I hope that I have given you a few more avenues to investigate.


Thanks for commenting, Engleberth.

I'm thinking the controller, too.

FWIW, the printer has only generated about 3800 pages,
so it's not like it's all used up.

No reason to do anything with the carriage rail
or motor; both work freely.
As mentioned, I stripped it down for cleaning before
I stored it; stripped down to individual parts.
It was cleaned and stored in a very dry place.

I have another(working) 1600CM, but I'm loath to
go swapping PCBs in case that causes a failure of
known good parts. But if it's the only way to
properly identify the problem, I suppose I will.

Since these printers were given to me(because they
hadn't been maintained and were working poorly),
I prefer to spend 45 bucks for a repair instead of
75 bucks or more for new.
Let us know how it goes - cheers
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