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I have a program that broadcasts over UDP socket. I want its broadcast should not be able to go outside the machine i.e on network, anyhow i need my local machine should be able to receive this broadcast.

how can I do this

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If you don't want it going out of your network add an access list or filter on your firewall/router going outside your network.

If you just want the machine to only broadcast to you and not your other machines on the local lan, might be a bit tricky to do this.  I will looking into configuring such software to not broadcast, or put it on it's own network segment and make firewall/access lists to only allow that type of packet to come to your machine.

Now for more help I'd need more information on the network setup, program udp ports used source/destination machine, etc.

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i do not want to use routers. i need some software that will not allow broadcast to go out on network, and this broadcast should be listened by applications running on same macine.

i mean broadcast data should be filtered from tcp stack
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I thnk you need a softwaare firewall on the machine
try zone alarm
it depends upon what u use to connect to outside network,
if u use router, configure the rules on it.
if u use computer (proxy, multihomed), configure a s/w firewall
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