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can i use my linux box running redhat 7.3 as domain server? so that win9x users can logon to linux box as they logon in winnt or win2000 server

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Yes, you need to setup samba for that.

Search for the samba HOWTO on google.
First download Samba from

Then install samba

Next edit the /etc/smb.conf file in there you should see a line domain logons = no.
put that to yes

now add accounts with the command
smbadduser nt-name:linuxname
where "nt-name" is the name a user has to put in the windows logon box and the "linuxname" is the logonname the user has on the linux box..

Next type smbpasswd "nt-name"
now it "should" work..

for more info you can find the doc's at

good luck
Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect


what Goldwing posted is your answer.

but some details are missing:
- Samba is already installed in RedHat
- the graphical tool can help you to configure samba,
  run the swat program and connect your browser to the port
  swat will tell you.
- There is an update to samba due to a recent bug finded.
  please update your samba to be full secure.

if you want a smb.conf that works, just tell us your network and the name of the domain you want, and maybe we can create it one for you.
I forgot: also you must know you need hard disk space to share, if you want something more than only domain security.
if so, please tell us also which directories you plan to share, and what name you plan to give to those shares.

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Thks a lot for your valuable comments.

another question.can i use the linux box as mailserver for the win9x clients like  postmaster in windows

Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

Answer: Yes.
how: that's another question :) please create another thread.

How do i use the gui for samba built in to redhat. i cant find it please help
Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

rserver: open a question and we well be happy to answer you.

BTW: command line is better.
edit the file smb.conf by hand and you will have all the power at your fingers.

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