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Any suggestions would be highly appreciated guys.....

I have set up dual boot Win98/XP on my hard disk 1 no problems and can boot between the two via the XP boot loader screen.

The problem is that I also want to put 98 onto a second drive and then be able to boot to from the boot loader.
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Win98 can only boot from drive C: o there's no sense in installing it on another drive, unless you can fool the BIOS into thinking it's your C: drive.

One workaround is to use exchangeable Hard Drives. I have my main HD in a drive bay, so no problem there..


You can install the Windows 98 on the Second Hard Drive and can make changes using the boot loader.
What you need to do is boot the System with first hard drive, start the installation, tell the installation to install it on second hardrive.(Make sure that you install it using Windows 98, and not XP).
NOTE:- By following this procedure you may not be able to boot the System using Second Hard Drive, the reason behind this is, when you install the Windows 98, using the above procedure, then the Boot files will be loaded on the C Drive, and only system files will be loaded on to Second Hard Drive)
You may/may not be able to edit the Operating System, using Windows XP Boot Loader program, but surely you may do it using Windows 98 boot.ini files.
If you think of installing Windows 98 directly on second hard drive, then you may not be able to dual boot it. As, the System will take the Primary Master as first boot device.
If you want to go for second solution, then what you need to do is you need to change the Active Partition.
You may go ahead with installation, if you need further help feel free to contact me.
forget useing the xp bootloader to do this ...reason is win9x has to put its boot files on the C  primary partition and that includes the msdos.sys file (tells it where windows is located )  now then when you install a second win98 it overwrites this file to point to that install so then the first install wont boot (hope that makes sence :>)
only way to do this is eather use a 3rd party boot manager or change boot order in the bios to boot D first instead of C  ( in eather case the xp boot loader will only boot one of them not both

You can do this and end with a menu to choose which OS to boot to by using a third party boot menu, something like Partition Magic.


I have found a boot loader (XOSL) which can hide partitions from others when booting.  Thanks for your advice everyone.

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