Scrolling in com.borland.dbswing.JdbTable

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A question about a borland dbswing component:

The code:
JdbTable jdbTable = new JdbTable();
TableScrollPane tableScrollPane = new TableScrollPane();
jPanelCenter.add(tableScrollPane, BorderLayout.CENTER);
tableScrollPane.getViewport().add(jdbTable, null);

Scrolling with mouse, page-down-key, up-key is working

But the "down-key" doesn't work.

Any idea?
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in JdbTable "down-key" event is used to invoke the JdbTable.AppendRowAction class (inner class in JdbTable, extends AbstractAction class).
in order to use "down-key" the same as "up-key" insert this line in your code:

jdbTable.unregisterKeyboardAction(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_DOWN, 0));


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