Optical Mouse - Generates interrupts or I/O Polls

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Could someone give a detailed explanation about how the mouse actually interacts with the computer at a low level?

I know that there are two ways the machine could get status and data info from the hardware, either by polling or interrupts.

Question is, which method does the computer use? Port polling or interrupts? or both? For mouse clicks and movements.

And is it the same for an optical mouse and the conventional wheel mouse?
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In most PCs today, the mouse is connected to the PS/2 port.  This is simply a serial port not very unlike COM1 or COM2 ports.  

Windows DOES NOT POLL this for activity.  The serial data stream produced by the mouse generate INTERRUPTS (a.k.a. IRQs) that the mouse DEVICE DRIVER handles.

All mice work basically the same way, even USB mice except that they generate USB traffic instead of PS/2 port traffic.


got it. thx.

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