Jsp file not working in MacOS as it is in WIndows?

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I have developed a jsp and runs perfectly on windows 2000 professional machine wiht JDK1.1.8.
The same file gives a problem in MacOS 8.5.

The jsp file creates 2 frames. Each frame src file is a jsp. When the display happens, the 1st frame repeats itself in the second frame. I have rechecked the code and found nothing fishy about it.

Can anyone suggest why this may be happening and if there is any remedy?

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8.5 is kinda....old. How's it run on OS X or even OS 9?
It might be hard to find nowadays, but try and update your MRJ to the latest usable on 8.5.  There's so many bugs in the pre-OS-X implementation of Java though, I'd personally suggesst moving to OS-X, but that isn't the choice for a lot of people using older macs.  =\  Anyway, I'm sure if you search on Google, or in Apple's pages you might be able to find it.  =)  G'luck, and cheers...


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