Medal of honor: allied assault crashes whenever i start a new game

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Hi.  Medal of honor: Allied assault crashes whenever i start a new game (either on easy, medium, or hard).  I just got a new video card (a geforce 4 ti4600) yesterday, and it worked fine before then.  I have the latest NVidia drivers, and i also tried some older ones, but it didnt fix the problem.  Anyone know whats up?

Here's my system specs:

FIC AN 11 motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 1700+ CPU
256mb PC2100 DDR RAM
Gainward Geforce 4 ti4600 Graphics card
Audio built into motherboard (Via)
DirectX 8.1
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and i'm running Windows XP Home edition sp1
Have you updaed Allied Assult to the latest version, or tested the new graphics card with other games? if it crashes on other games then it could either be a card settings problem or a DirectX problem. If it crashes with just Allied Assult, it would be a program problem.
Does it crash or can you alt-tab.  MOH sometimes tries to access the net when starting a new game.  if you have your connection set to dial whenever it is not connected, it will mess with MOH.  You may need to turn off the automatically connect setting.  To see if this is the problem when it crashes press Alt-Tab and see if there is a dial up networking window open.

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That does not seems like a driver problem. Try reinstalling the game or remove some mods, skins or maps you put in.If you've put in a CD-hack, remove it as well. I had the same problem, but it happen like months after I first installed it. So I reinstall the game and it works.



I had the same problem with my machine. I upgraded my graphics card to a nvidia geforce 4 64mb card, and the problem still existed. However, i found that by turning off my connection to the internet ( I have broadband internet) and disabling the virus program (pc-cillin) the game nows runs without crashing. I suggest you try this and report your findings
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