POP3, SMTP connectors used by exchange server 2000

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Exchange server 2000 does not come with POP3 connector to retrieve e-mails from POP3 ISP servers. My question is:
(1) What is the quick solution?
(2) How could we use SMTP for incoming e-mails?
Would it require two network cards, one for internal and second for external IP, permanently connected to ISP?
Any constructive example/suggestion please

Thanks in advance

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If your mail server doesn't have a permanent connection to the Internet, you can have an ISP queue your mail and use TURN/ETRN to dial-up and retrieve your messages at given intervals. You will have to check with your ISP to see if they offer this service, or find an ISP that will.

To use SMTP, your Exchange server would need a permanent connection to the Internet. Having two network cards is a solution, but it is not a secure one. Ideally, you should implement a firewall. Once your Exchnage server is accessible from the Internet, you will need to own a domain name and have an MX record setup for this domain which points to your Exchange server.
A quick solution is to use a program called EFS (Email Forwarding System) http://www.chimera.co.nz
This program will retrieve mail from an ISP pop3 server and send it to Exchange to be routed to the correct mailbox. Also this software is free.
Your options as far as an SMTP mail feed are concerned depend a lot on your ISP\domain name holder. It also depends on how your internet connection is setup.

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