Print/pipe entire filelist for Win2k Server

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I'm about to do a clean install over a client's badly partitioned server, and would like to print the entire hard drive contents (3 drives) or pipe it to a file for them to review to backup and remove old files and relate information. I know how to do a directory to a file or printer:

i.e. 'dir c:\ > c:\filelist.txt' will send the list of files in the c directory including the directories listed, but will not show the subdirectories and files in those sub directories.

Is there a command to do this or an application, or will I be better off writing my own short program to handle this?

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tree c: /f > c:\filelist.txt
This will list all folders and there contents of the c: drive piped to the file c:\filelist.txt.


thought it would be something simple like that :), much easier than writing c++ app, lol, my teacher would smack me for saying that, thx for quick response.


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