How Can I recharge My Sony Vaio battery?

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I haven't used my laptop lately on my battery so i didn't pay to much attention to it  but recently i've noticed that even thoug my computer tells me that my battery is charging it doesen't. I can't get by battery charged. Could it be that it is totally dead?
Any suggestions?
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Hi u2canbe1

I guess your battery is dead.

I have an old Sony Vaio F-150 and I have the same problem as yours. I rarely use my laptop's battery but always leave it on with the battery inserted. Until one day, from the battery info it is either take long long time to e full or it takes 10 seconds to show from the very low battery level to fully charged. I have tried other known good battery from friends and its charging no problem, problem only exist on my original battery.

I guess you can either get a new battery or just get a new laptop instead, since the new battery priced rip off.

Hope this help

It's a good idea to REMOVE the battery from a laptop that you're not going to use for a while.  This keeps it from discharging and possibly damaging itself.

What happens is that even though the laptop is OFF, it still draws a little power.  Over time this fully discharges the battery pack and some of the cells in the pack are a bit stronger than some of the others.  This causes a REVERSE CHARGING effect on the weaker cells and destroys them.  This is one of the disadvantages of LiIon type cells, they are VERY SENSITIVE to reverse charging.

There is NO WAY to recover these cells.  Unlike NiCD cells which could often be "zapped" back into life, LiIon cells respond to this type of treatment by EXPLODING!  Please DO NOT attempt this at all.

The only solution here is to replace the battery pack or have it rebuilt by a shop that specializes in LiIon battery pack rebuilding.
jhance is more than likely right,
however i dont suppose you've tried obtaining a refresh utility for your laptop. just a long shot really.
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Are you going to ignore this question forever?

might be able to find a battery here

I also have this problem with my PCG-FX105K (battery is PCGA-BP71).

I needed to find the number of the battery for something unrelated, so I took the battery out while the machine was switched on - which you can do, right? I then copied down the battery model # and put it back in. The battery was fully charged when I took it out - now, powerpanel ( a sony battery utility) said the battery was holding -1% charge?!?!? Another utility, Battery Scope, said the battery was at 0%, and in good condition - 0% worn, which it had been since i bought it, charged 82 times in total. It said it would take 54 mins to charge with the computer turned off, but 500 hours when its turned on?

So i turned it off for 2 hours and left it to 'charge'. Turned it back on, still 0%.

A battery pack shouldn't fail like this should it? Ive tried it in the other charging bay in the laptop, the same thing happens. It just says its charging but doesnt.

The battery pack doesnt even get warm any more... and I've just bought it!!

This did once happen before to me - said it was empty when it was full. It started to charge, and the percentage actually went up. Is it possible to over charge them? Coz as the battery was full, the computer for somereason said it was empty - it got to about 60% through charging it again and then all of a sudden it went to 100%...

When the same happened this time, I just thought it would recharge again. But it hasn't. Does anyone have any suggesttions? Like take the battery out and leave it to discharge (if it is full) for about a week whilst not in the laptop? The laptop wont even boot or anything from the battery at all...

Please someone tell me all is not lost.... PLEASE!

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