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I saw a thread on this previously...and it seems like quite an expert job...a few people on here seemed to know how to edit photographs
I basically have a picture where i want to change my hair colour from black to medium brown...i know you can use photoshop for this...but because of my very limited computer knowledge i would need someone to assist me.....or even better actually do it for me!
Help is very much appreciated...
If you are able ot do me this favour..i'd like very much to get in touch with you..Thank you!
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Do you have a few years? ;-) It's pretty hard to change something like hair color and have it look right -- hair isn't just ONE color, it's a combination of color, variations on color, and highlights. The more drastically you want to change it, the worse it gets, because not only the color will need to change, but the highlights AND the way the color would reflect light will be different.

Easier to dye your hair and take a new photo. ;-)
What I would do in photoshop for a quick and dirty fix is to make a selection around your hair.  Then adjust the color balance / hue contrast values until your hair changes shades.  Look under the toolbar Image > Adjust.

Use the lasso tool to select the hair.


HMM...actually , as i have my hair tied up in the picture, very little of my hair is showing... just the i guess it wouldn't take that long?
Would it be possible for any of you to do it for me if i mailed you the pic? I don't excpect absolutely great results...just better then my attempts with paint!
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This isnt the place to get free work. There is probably a starving photoshop nerd in your neighbourhood that would be thrilled to do it for you.

If there's not much showing, it shouldn't take long -- and weed is absolutely right. There are lots of pshop newbies who would love to get a real project to work on. ;-)


how do i get hold of one of these people?
i'm in london, by the way...
Check your yellow pages. Or whatever color they are in england.

just follow Osiris CB's advise and you'll get it..

Ill do it for you. Me = Starving Photoshop Nerd. MSN messenger at *** email address removed by Netminder, EE Admin ***
Swam: this isnt a place to get work as it invalidates the question for the archives. I suggest she find a *local* photoshop nerd as supporting the locals is a good thing for her in the long run.
Hi Liza,

you could use the magic wand tool in Adobe Photoshop and fiddle with the tolerance so that everything but your hair is selected, then goto the select menu bar option and inverse your selection, now you will only have your hair selected, then goto the 'lab tools' menu bar option and fiddle with the 'image values' e.g. colour, saturation etc.

P.S. Hope this helps, else you could mail it to me at *** email address removed by Netminder, EE Admin *** and i'll c what i can do.

*** comment removed; suggestion of activities in violation of EE membership guidelines. Netminder, EE Admin ***
imatool: thanks to that suggestion this thread will be deleted. Thanks bunches.
Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to all of you who are new users. I apologize to those of you who have been here a while, but this one will go down as one of the more useful threads, if only for use as a training vehicle for new Moderators.

SwamBMX and Devastated,

I've removed your email addresses from your posts for three reasons. First, since EE is now open to Google's search engine, had the addresses remained there, your email would rather quickly have been inundated with junk. Second, it's a violation of the membership guidelines to work on EE questions outside EE. Our function here is to help people solve their problems, not to solve them. Finally, it's also a violation to solicit work here, although I recognize that neither of you was offering to do it for pay.


Your account has been temporarily suspended; it is a serious violation of the membership guidelines to suggest an action which promotes an illegal activity, such as using software which violates a copyright. It will not be tolerated.


Please understand that threads like this are uncommon; at the same time, you must understand that Experts Exchange is a site at which you can learn to do things, rather than have them done for you. The suggestions you've received are quite good, and evaluation software is also available (legally) which can do the job for you.

EE Admin
Nice 1 NetMinder, an excellent post! - not that my hotmail address dont already get inundated with spam! - only jokin i understand. :-)

Maybe its a thought to have some 'developer helpers' at EE, e.g. online paint programs - Java Applet types, and online code testers - like which is simply excellent - although i completely understand keeping the site so 'pure'.

P.S. Nice to see some 'bobbies on the beat' for a change :-)

Sorry about all that,

I didn't read the guidlines, it wont happen again, but I do have a site where you could download a trial version of photoshop 7.  

Try it out at  Once again I'm sorry for the headaches.

After you get the trial version (if it has tutorials) try out the tutorials.  They're really good at getting you started on editing pictures.  Good luck.


sorry it took the period with it also.

<bemused grin>... never thought of myself as a cop -- a referee, perhaps. But thanks.


You've been reinstated. Just be careful in the future, please.


to quote,,
Main Entry: 1po·lice
Pronunciation: p&-'lEs
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): po·liced; po·lic·ing
Etymology: in sense 1, from Middle French policier, from police conduct of public affairs; in other senses, from 2police
Date: 1589
1 archaic : GOVERN
2 : to control, regulate, or keep in order by use of police
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4 a : to supervise the operation, execution, or administration of to prevent or detect and prosecute violations of rules and regulations b : to exercise such supervision over the policies and activities of
5 : to perform the functions of a police force in or over

Definately a copper m8! hehehe
How is that different then my answer?
How is that different then my answer?

Osiris CB - it's different from your answer because it's gone into more detail about how to do something specific.  

In situations like this, the person asking the question has very little knowledge of the program you propose for her to use.  When doing things for the first time, people are often much more cautious than one would expect.  Additionally, Devastated gave her a step-by-step rather than conceptional (bring your writing to your audience's level, rather than expect them to find you on yours), and his answer was more 'exactly what she was looking for' than yours.  

Plus, he used exclamation marks.  Everyone knows exclamation marks make you sound smarter.
LOL nice 1 m8!....

(Damn! i've been sussed on my exclamation marks!) hehehe

P.S. On a more serious note i agree with everything that you have said in the above post Chani. Osiris the information you gave was minimal, to be more technical i suppose that mine was more 'helpful' and 'exchanged' more information.

Peace! :-)
Dont forget i mentioned a magic wand! :-) (sorry i just cant help those exclamation marks. now they're everywhere! LOL)
Doh!... i suppose you 'meant' that i quoted my words to impart more meaning, you'd be right! (he exclaimed!) :p

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