How do I remove Unknown Monitor under Display Properties ?

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Hi Xperts,

I just installed Nvidia's latest driver and in doing so, an "Unknown Monitor" has appeared under Display Properties/Settings/Display.

However, under Device Manager/Display Adapters, I can only see Nvidia GeForce 2 MX/MX 400. And under Device Manager/Monitors, there's only Phlips 107T. I don't see any Unknown Monitor/Device anywhere ?

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to remove this Unknown thingy ? I need my Day of Defeat :(

Thanx, Fed
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Boot to Safe Mode. Check for and delete any unused monitors in the Device Manager.

You can also check other items (video adapters etc...) for unused or ghost listings.
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boot to safe mode (press F8 during boot)
go to device manager, and remove both (all) monitors
reboot and windows should only install the philips
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LOL, tie goes to the first one in :~)
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I see you got me on the next question down, though.  :-)


Thanx guys for the info. I'll ive it a try.

Fedayeen last returned to the site the day after asking the question.  Apparently, jlauster won the (very close!) race to finish line.  Awarding to jlauster.

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Thanks eecomputings,

Too bad the asker couldn't have saved you the trouble.

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