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Hi there,
I'm trying to use the code from the link below (the accepted answer) and it says create listView. I'm a beginner at VB and I can't find the damn list view anywhere. I dont know how to create it. Also, can someone tell me how to add more functionality to the code. i.e. I want to display more information about a certain process, I should be able to highlight it and click a button and the information will be displayed in a few text boxes...information like the amount of memory being used by the process or say page faults etc. This project's due in three days. Can someone PLEASE help me? Visual_Basic/Q_20338201.html
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The listview is part of the Microsoft Windows Common Controls.  Add that as a component reference.  It will give you a handful more controls to work with.  Hover over the new icons in the toolbox until you see Listview.
The code appears to have everything you want.  After running the code each of the UserDefined Types are filled with the information you are looking for.

For example: use the pmc.PageFaultCount to get the page fault count, etc.  

where you see the code like this:

         .SubItems(1) = LCase(TrimNULL(ModuleName))
                 .SubItems(2) = nModules
                 .SubItems(3) = GetFormattedSize(Pmc.PageFileUsage)

look for things like pmc.PageFileUsage, then you can use all of the UDT to return various pieces like:



Thanks a lot!!

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