How to create a help file for vb

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I want to create a *.hlp (help) file for my visual basic application.Pl help me
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try using the "Help WorkShop" app which should be under your visualstudio/visualstudio tools in your start menu.

if it's not there, then you have to install it off your visual studio cd.
I know this isn't exactly what you asked for but sometimes people here ask the wrong question by mistake, so in case this happened...

There is a newer standard of help files since the ancient .hlp files that were popular back in the Win9x days (and before). This is the .CHM (HTML Help). Basically, this is a collection of HTML pages (like a web site) which are compiled into one file.
This allows you to create a "web site" and then convert that to a single CHM file.
Two added bonuses:
* You can also provide the help as HTML, which is the biggest standard out there and can include multimedia (flash, animated gifs ...)
* There is a wide variaty of HTML-supporting editors to choose from (and also automatic help generators). This makes the process of creating help a lot easier.

Download of the HTML Help Workshop is available here:
[from "a help authoring tool with an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating project files, HTML topic files, contents files, index files, and everything else you need to put together an online help system or Web site."]

One problem using this format is that it requires the "HTML Help viewer" which did not appear in older versions of windows and would require an additional installation.

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