Apache + Tomcat + Solaris. Please STEP-BY-STEP

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I am a very fresh beginer in Apache, Tomcat. so that i need a kindly help.

Solaris is 8 (5.8)
Apache is "httpd-2.0.43-sparc-sun-solaris2.8.tar.gz"
Tomcat is "jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12.zip"

I've Apache, Tomcat. BUT the main point is: HOW TO LINK THEM TOGETHER.

PLEASE HELP ME. I am helpless.
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The next thing you need is a "connector".  You cat get one at http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-tomcat-connectors/

Here are the main steps I just posted to someone else's question.  Step 2 below is where the above comes in.

You need to get a "connector" that allows Apache and Tomcat to talk.  Here's the main steps you follow:
1) In Apache's httpd.conf, setup your virtual host in a directive "VirtualHost".  (Note: make sure the name you give does resolve to your machine.  If not, as a quick way to get developing quickly, add the hostname to your 'hosts' file).  

Ensure the vHost's DocRoot is pointing to the directory where you have the JSP files.

Test above - the static files should be served by Apache.  One goal acheived!

2) Get a connector.  Mod_jk, JK2, warp - your choice.  jk is around for NT since quite a while so can be good to start off with.

Setup the connector.  Documentation is at Apache's site.  Main idea is you setup "workers" -- these 'glues the two servers together'.

3) For your vHost, 'JkMount' to the workers for JSP files and servlets (eg in documentation)

4) Configure tomcat for workers (server.xml)

5) Ensure Tomcat is configured for the vHost in server.xml

It might take some fiddling -- but the docs and server logs would help you get along nicely.

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