'programming algebra in c'

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Kindly help me how to program algebra peoblems in c.
 For example how to program to get answer for the
expression (a+b)^2.
And i want to do programming in partial fractions,
symbolic differentiation and integration.
If the source code is available please please tell me
wherefrom i can get it.
   Thanking you
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This sounds like homework and thus I cannot give you the code.

It is against EE policy for experts to do homework problems.

I can give you a push in the right direction, however.

You perform algebraic equations in C almost exactly the same as the equations are written. The only difference, in the example you gave, between the equation and how you would write this is nothing more than a matter of syntax, in many cases there is no difference at all.

In the above example you use the ^ symbol do indicate that (a + b) should be raised to the power of 2. To accomplish this in C you must use the pow function.

P.S. In C the ^ sysmbol represents the bitwise exclusive OR operator.
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