uninstalling linux and reinstalling win98

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i have a box that runs red-hat 7.3 and i just sold it... the buyer wants 'blows 98 on it i have the disk but there a problem with the partitions how do i set the partitions to default.?  or simpler yet... how do i install windows (note) cant do it by booting because a partition is too small.
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To remove Linux and install Windows you need to do the following:
CAUTION: This solution will destroy your Linux installation.

Cold boot and use a Windows boot disk and type 'fdisk'
Once fdisk is loaded (it may ask you if you want to enable NTFS or large disk partitions depending on your version of fdisk, it won't hurt to say yes to both.):
You need to "Delete partition(s)", this option is ussually 3.
Inside of the delete menu, you need to select 'non-dos partitons'. This is ussually the last option on the list.
It should show you a list of the partitions on the disk (these should be your Linux partitions).
You will need to delete all of these partitions.
Then go back to the main menu and select option 4 (view partitions). If you see any paritions on the drive remaining, go back into delete and check 'dos' or 'logical' to ensure they are all clear.

Reboot the system to one of the two following situations:

Technically, you should be able to start the Windows installation from here and configure the partitions inside of it.
If not, then boot back to the disk and then run back into fdisk and select option 1 to create partition, select primary partition and create if for the entire available space. Reboot the machine back to the disk and run 'format c: /y' this should be the newly created partition which now needs to be formated. After it is formated you should be able to restart back to Windows install and start the installation for sure.

Make sure to tell the customer he's an idiot for using Windows though. :-)

-Have fun


Just a point...

fdisk /mbr first, then continue from step one above, otherwise you'll have a h*ll of a job getting the Gates of Hell product to boot. (...not a bad idea, come to think of it. <malicious grin>)


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