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I have 2 Netware 5.1 Servers, one at location A, one at B.
Location A is connected to B thru VPN Sonic Wall using IP Only. Both locations have been using their respective Servers using IPX only. It is desired to connect to the Server at B from WIN98 workstations on side A. IP has been bound to the network card on side B as and it can be pinged from side A, but does not see the Tree or Server on side B. Can someone step me thru what needs to be done? I started to setup IP on side A (IP would have been to see if IP Client was working, but the server abended when doing so, so I backed off that approach. I loaded both IP and IPX on client and it is working with IPX on side A. Can the client use IPX for the server on side A and IP for the server on side B? Do I need to put them in the same Tree and context? If so, is this hard and how to? Do I just need to add ServerB to the NWHOSTS file on side A? Where is this file located and syntax?
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There would be no reason for a server to abend just because you load and bind IP to a NIC.  NW 5.1 uses IP natively.

I would setup SLP,, use defaults.  Load and bind IP on both servers, make sure you have each servers gateway address setup correctly.  Reinstall client software using custom install on workstation, IP only, make sure you setup SLP as protocol and configure service and  DA on clinet.  NWHOSTS works with IP, not IPX.  Check Novell support site for TIDs on SLP setup, they are very clear. Don't use seperate trees, you should be using a single tree with a seperate context, and partition, for each location.

He's got a firewall in place, any bet's he's blocking NCP over IP TCP ports?

 You are trying to use the 5.1 servers as an IP-only backbone to pass traffic from two IPX-only networks, correct? To do this, you need to configure both servers with SCMD.nlm set to act as a migration agent.

type LOAD SCMD /MA at the console of each server to enable the compatibility mode responsible for passing ipx packets between two segments over IP.

In order to make this completely functional, you will also need to ensure the following:

a. Each IPX disconnected network has at least one Migration Agent
b. All the MAs should have NLSP routing enabled and should have the same CMD network number.
c. SLP visibility exists among all MAs.
d. UDP communication (Port 2645) is enabled between all the MAs

See TID10069486 for more information.

Hope this helps!
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one more question: Any idea what caused the abend? If not, you might want to submit the abend.log file to and see if the free abend analysis tool can help you.
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