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I installed an LG CD-RW drive a few months ago.  No problems.  I have made 5 or 6 disc copies.  Today, while I was using the pc, not the cdrw, the machine locked up.  First time that has happened.  I am running Windows 2000 server.  After multiple re-boots and finally removing the IDE cable from the CDRW, the machine is back up and running.  The EVent Viewer has a lot of messages. One of which reads "The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period. ".  I have noticed that when I put the cable back in and try to reboot, the machine takes for ever to startup if it does at all.  The CDRW keeps spinning and the read light is blinking.

Any ideas?  Could the drive just fail like that?

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Change out and try a different IDE cable

I think it's a good bet that this drive has failed.  While it's possible that the cable failed, frankly I've never seen it happen "spontaneously".  So unless you've been inside the box, moving the cable around or unplugging it the chances are nil that it just failed on its own.

The drive, however, is another story.  CD-RW drives are made to cheaply these days that failure is not that uncommon.  Most come with 90 day or shorter warranties so what to the manufacturers care.

Whilst failure of the drive is the most likely cause, just make sure there is no CD in the drive when booting and also try changing the jumper from master to slave or vice-versa and disconnect any other device connected to the same channel.
Good Luck


Thank you for the responses.  Once I removed the drive, Windows 2000 performed a chkdsk on the next boot.  All has been fine since.

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