Networking with Windows XP and ZoneAlarm

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Sorry. Last question on this topic appears to be in 2000. I have a desktop and a laptop both running Windows XP Home. Both have ZoneAlarm installed. The desktop is the host of the network, and the laptop is the client. In order to see both computers right now, I have to turn ZoneAlarm off. I am not sure what to add in the trusted zones section of ZoneAlarm to allow me access to the network without turning off ZoneAlarm. I am on a university campus, so both computers are connected to a LAN and receive DHCP IP addresses (the laptop currently receives a dummy address from ICS at home). Any help would be great.
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Hmmmm, with dynamic addresses provided by the college, it will be difficult, as they will change a lot, but youcan add the specific ip address of each computer to ZA
on each machine go to start -->run and type ipconfig /all and make note of the ip address
then in ZA on the other machine go to firewall (in ZA 3), click add and add the ip address of the other machine
then when it changes, go back, right click on the description you gave it, choose edit, and change the ip
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that should read go to start -->run and type cmd and from the prompt type ipconfig /all

if nothing else resolves , try requesting static ip address from system/network admin for your campus network and add that ip in you xp home notbook zonealarm trusted zone.

though not fully got your setup , is your host system having two nic one of which is connected to campus network and other one to notebook(how else cud you receive dummy ip from ics host and not take ip from dhcp server of your campus)!  if u have two nic then private nic ip cud be added to trusted zone on the xphome notebook.

good luck
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Okay. Now I have changed the configuration of the network (got tired of having to turn the desktop on just to get an internet connection on the notebook at home). Now the connection from the wall runs straight to the hub and both computers connect to the hub directly.

I have entered the IP addresses from both computers into the other computer's trusted zone, but still can't access with ZoneAlarm on (access okay when ZA is off). I have trusted security set to medium and Internet security set to high.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Just to clean this up and share my experience, I went wireless a few months ago, and now that my wireless router assigns IP addresses to each connected computer, I have entered those IP addresses into the Trusted Zones in ZoneAlarm and have no problems connecting when the program is running. Hope this helps others!

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