batch or command line regedit?

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I find myself doing a lot of repetitive edits to the registry.
Is there a batch file or command line interface to regedit or a utility that does the same thing?
Any suggestions?
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If these are repetitive edits then export the registry entry as a .reg file.

To export the specific entry you need, navigate to the key in regedit.exe and from thr file menu choose export.

Name the file appropriately and make sure that selected branch is the highlighted option.

Save the file to desktop.

Take a look at the file by right click / edit and you will soon see how you can change entries and save.

You can load .reg files by double clicking on them or by logon script if you want to distribute to a user base.

And if you what to run in silent mode with no user interaction use the following command in the script.

Regedit -s Filename

The -s tells regedit to load silently.


Nadeem . .  


That is partially useful info.
One of the things I would like to do in the batch file is delete or blank certain registry entries.  Is there a way to do that?  

I guess I could save them blank using the method outlined in your comment and just reload the blank ones but is there a better way to delete entries?
Thanks for the tips....
Here are links to high speed registry patch programs...

However, investigate any program you try.  I heard of a virus that has "patch" as part of the name.

Also, make sure that any automatic program also backs up the registry before changing it.


Hi Again,

yes you can remove or blank registry entries with .reg script.

To blank you simply add the value "".

I will check the parameter fro deleting a key and get back to you shortly.


Nadeem . . . .


Got the delete function again.

To delete a key you Add a - sign to the entry as such


Would become


The minus flags the key for deletion.


Nadeem . .

Btw, the empty command of "" works for string values.

If you have a dword value for a servie set to 00000004 as this state is disabled.

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