Shading A Specific Area In An Excel Graph

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Ok this is probably an easy question but I can't seem to find the solution.

I have a graph in excel that compromises of two straight lines, one positively sloping and one negatively sloping. These two lines cross in the middle of the graph making a triangle between the x-axis, y-axis and the interception point. (It is actually a linear programming problem graph).

What I need to do is to shade this triangular area, not the whole graph, but just this specific area. If you understand linear programming problems you will know what I mean, (the feasibility region). It is probable a trivial question but I need to know the answer. Hope you can help...
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I have a low-brow, manual suggestion:

-Open your Drawing toolbar (View, Toolbars, Drawing).
-Click on Autoshapes, Lines and choose the Freeform drawing tool.
-Click on each point of the triangle. This will make an object that can be filled in with color (Use your Fill Color button on the Drawing Toolbar or Format, Autoshape).

If this is a regular task, try posting this question in the Applications catagory of this website and there may be a VB (programming) solution suggested.

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