Changing the From value when sending mail triggered by a WebQuerySave

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I'm attempting to send mail to a SMTP/POP mail server (external mail domain) from a Domino server when a user saves a document via WebQuereySave.  When viewed, I'd like the From address to be different than that of the Server.  How do I specify a different address and how can do that accross multiple datases?  I would like this return address to be an Internet Mail address and not a Notes address.  Here is an example of what I see when viewing the mail using outlook:

From:  server/
       (i.e. sev1/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The recommended method is by using the reserved field name PRINCIPAL. Sett this to whatever you want the from address to be.

The recipient will then se:
From: (whatever you enter in PRINCIPAL)
Sent by: sev1/acme...

If this isnt good enough for you, then you will have to change the FROM field, and then COPY (not send) the document to the (or on the server, and save. This is an unsupported method.


So do I just do a


before sending?
Yeap !  Principal field should do the trick for you. Copying the document to the is making a mess here.

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Thanks for the reply.  I tried it and the following resulted:

Outlook inbox displayed the msg, but the from was blank.

Upon opening the email, the From fied in the header still has the server address.

did you stamp the doc.From = "ADDRESS" ???

What server version are you running for your outbound SMTP mail? Support for from/sent by was added somwhere on the 4.6 versions.

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