SNMP app in C++

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Hi all,

I'm trying to build an appication in C++ for printer monitoring using SNMP. This is a uni project.... and im in desperate need of help as knowledge of C++ is non existent.....

could one of you very kind people could point me in the right direction...
I dont expect you to do it for me but I would appreciate a starting point....

I dont what to do .... could someone PLEASE help as my research has not led me to an answer...

I hope that you can point me in the right direction as my time is running out...

Thanks in advance..
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What OS are you writing for ? If it's windows, you can use the winsnmp lib's. Check this link for samples:


Thats Great! I'm still messing around with the NET-SNMP library. Thats got some excutable applications which i intend to use....hopefully (????? whether I can do this i dont know) I should be able to run those apps (snmpget) within the C++ code and then format the output to something which an ordinary user can understand with ease.
I know that theres something called "popen" in unix whether there is a similar command for the windows environment or not its something which I will be looking into.

Thats not to say that this code that you've pointed me to is irrelavant. Failing my first approach I will have to revert to the code that you've I would just like to express my sincere graditude for your help.Hate to be of bother, but if you think that there may be other areas which are useful for me than plz let me know....

Once again many thanks!

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