Rename Fonts in win xp

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How can I rename a font in win xp. The rename option is greyed out. I need to do it to rename hatten.ttf to install access97
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Hi There,

just tried this one for you.

There must be an actual procedure but this is what I have come up this.

Take any font from your fonts folder that you want to rename (the choice is yours).

Copy it by pressing Ctrl & C Keys together.

Open any other folder and Paste it in there.

Rename the Pasted file to the correct name that you want to use.

You can then copy it back into the fonts folder.

The system will not let you do this until you delete the original font as it will still be recognised by the original name.

Delete the original and then paste it back.

You now have a font called hatten.ttf I can't guarantee that Access will work with it though as the system may still think of it as the original font you copied.

Give it a try and let us know.


Nadeem .  .

Hi Again,

Just actually noticed that although it does copy the file as hatten.ttf it resides in the folder as the name of the original font you copied.

Most queer is the fact that it shows as a shortcut icon to the hatten.ttf file.

Just tried in within Word and it wont apply the font.

I'm going to change it back now, but you might still get away with it as a fix for your access issue

Please let me know.


Nadeem . . .


Thanks for the comments already posted. They actually confirm the answer I found myself.  I cant rename the fonts when in the fonts folder, but if I search for the font I can rename it from there.
I was able to do it and Access installed just fine.
Thanks again.
Hi Again,

Are you going to issue any points for effort ? ? ?


Nadeem. . . .

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