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TheCokeGuy used Ask the Experts™
This line works:
Procedure GrayScale(Value: TImage); overload;

Can anyone tell me why this don't work?
Procedure Resize(Value: TImage; Width: Integer; Height: Integer);

Are there missing something?

"It is for a component"
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You'll have to be a bit more specific, what doesn't work? Can you give us a bit more code? It all depends of the context, the prototype in itself is not wrong but if the ancestor has a Resize property you might need to overload this one to as the GrayScale procedure.

Do you have an compiler error? Do you have a run-time error? Is it just the procedure that does do what it is suppose to do?
need more info CokeGuy, please ;)

best wishes
Manuel Lopez (lopem)
if it is for a TControl descendant, then you can't because Resize is already used.

perhaps another name, say ResizeImage. Or if really necessary, then put

procedure Resize(Value: TImage; Width: Integer; Height: Integer); overload;

of course, this might create some confusion later.

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