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dear Friend,
     Can anyone help me by telling me how to run my favorite DOS based game Red Storm Rising?
      I have a Hewlett-Packard Pavillion 8550C (1999), Celeron Processor(500MHz), 17GB drive, 95MB RAM, Win98, DOS 6.x
I tried starting the game in DOS and using my computer's boot-disk and then I put the 3.5 disk game into the A:\ drive and type "REDSTORM" as required by the manual. The manual also requires DOS 2.11 to 3.31
    Then I get non-stop beeps and wierd symbols in my DOS screen. I also tried starting the game in Windows by clicking onto the 3.5 disk icon and then click .exe symbol with the sprocket inside the little box. I get an error DOS little windows saying that there was an error running DOS. I'm at my wit's end, please help!
Thank you
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I think you may need a Univibe(VESA) universal hi-res video driver. there is a patch for Red Storm Rising, here

<<my home brew solution to avoid using a boot disk>>
If you are running win98, I used to run a batch file that renamed my c:\windows directory to c:\nowin and setup config sys and autoexec.bat files. That way you don't need to use a boot disk. don't forget to have a batch file that renames the C:\nowin back to c:\windows and replaces the custom config.sys and Autoexec.bat files.


    I downloaded the VESA from the website and I still couln't get the Red Storm game to work. I went to DOS and A:\REDSOTRM and I get a few lines of wierd symbols but nothing else.
     I haven't tried running a batch file because I don't know what to include let alone how to do it. My file names haven't changed:  c:\windows and config.sys and autoexec.bat files
Please let me know what else I can do, thanks

have you tried messing with the emm386 settings ?
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add to the config.sys file

Device = C:\dos\emm386.exe noems


So by changing the emm386 setting the DOS game may work in a DOS 6.22 enviroment?
How can I change the settings back if the line change doesn't work or alters my computer?
Will a Boot-disk change the settings back if needed?
How can I change the DOS lines?
Do I go into DOS and then do what after I get
Thanks in advance


I tried using a DOS 3.30 bootdisk (3.5") when I started in MS-DOS, then I typed A:\REDSTORM and the A-drive continues to read the game disk but does not stop or begin the game. I hoped that using a DOS version required by the game (DOS 2.11 - 3.31) would make the game work

can you ,make a dos 6.x boot disk
(6.x = 6.0,6.1,6.2 etc)


  I tried using a DOS 6.22 disk, and then I tried editing the DOS lines you suggested, but I get errors. I tried to edit the emm386 line, but when I went to the config.sys file in DOS from the 3.5", I saw error messages and wierd symbols. Some of these lines said:
emm386/windows interface failure. emm386 will remain off
emm386 DMA buffer is too small Add D=nn parameter reboot $
   Then I tried my HP's DOS boot disk and I was able to get into normal looking files. Nothing weird. I changed the emm386 line and tried starting the game A:\ with and without the original emm386 line. When I included the emm386 line (with the original emm386) and I booted the computer, I get a message that says:

Error XMS driver not installed
An Extended Meomory Manger is already installed
Without the original emm386 line I get:
Error in line 3 (or similar)
My boot emm386 line is:
rem the following line give you more ram, but no ems
Device=C:\WINDOWS\emm386.exe RAM NOEMS

Thanks in advance
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