VXPro board 32 meg upgrade to 128 meg shows only 32 meg

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I installed two 64 meg strips in my VXPro 512  board made by Hsing-Tech (now PC Chips), the 64 meg are made by MOBEL ELECTRONICS  part # 64LDM-64G-10PC100, Each strip gives only 16 meg,
Board BIOS is 2A5LDH09     V4.51 PG  it came with a single 32 meg strip
Why wont the board acknowledge the higer memory ? my computer is P-233 MMX  and the specs indicate it will accept 256 mem in 2 DIMMs   SDRAM
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You may have bought the wrong memory for your system. Or the correct memory you bought is bad.
Look at the memory pages here -

If you know the motherboard maker and model number you can use the Crucial RAM picker to find the correct memory that will work. The Crucial page will also your your system's memory specs.
I think you installed SD ram into a machine that needs EDO, also called EDO-66....
Glen A.IT Project Manager

You will probably want to source some PC66 SDRAM for the machine WITHOUT EProm.

We saw this trend with the VXPro chipsets in computers made by a lower-end manufacturer in Canada called IPC, as well as in custom-built systems made by VAR's who used their motherboards.

Solution was to use PC66 SDRAM without EPROM.  PC100 with EPROM doesn't work.

Recommend RAM from Crucial - their part# CT8M64S4D10
This is the wrong type memory for this MB. The Apollo VP-1 MB chipset supports up to 16Mbit per memory chip and your new SDRAM board employs 64Mbit chips. The original 32MB board worked OK because probably is was double-sided (16MB on each side) and employed 16Mbit chips.
Besides that, this is a PC-100 SDRAM and some chipsets cn be really cranky on recognizing its capacity, so if you decide to go along with this upgrade, please choose PC-66 SDRAM instead.
Glen A.IT Project Manager

Baert:  Did you ever have success, if so, and one of the experts here assisted you, please accept their comment as answer and provide an appropriate grade.

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