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Can anyone tell me exactly what TCP traffic is send and recieved when a client socket tries to connect to the server socket. Before the GetClientThread event fires on the server socket? I.e. What is the initial connection handshake etc before you can use the socket?
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MSDN excerpt:

When a process creates a TCP socket in the Microsoft Winsock layer and issues a connect() call to some host and port number, the TCP protocol performs its standard "three-way handshake" of a SYN packet, acknowledged by the target host with ACK/SYN, and a final ACK from the initiating client. Basically works out as:

client                                  host
------                                  ----
SYN   -------------------------------->
      <-------------------------------- ACK/SYN
ACK   -------------------------------->

what i suggest you do if you want to know the exact bytes that are exchanged during the handshake is you download yourself a packet sniffer and that will read off the packet (a packet is the hole chunkes of data send in tcp form) headders to reveal what you want to know.

Just do a search on google for a packet sniffer! that should help you with your problem.
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