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I have a compuer running win98se, pIII 1Ghz, 256Mb RAM. I can print from any application fine but Internet Emplorer fine, I can print web pages that have a 'print this web page' link, but when I try to print with the print buttin in the tool bar or from the file menu, the computer will lock up, most of the time I will have to reset it to continue. It gives no error messages, but the times I have been able to open the task manager it will say spool32 is not responding, as well as an entry called <unknown> that is not present at any other times. I've run a full virus scan (AVG with today's update) as well as a trojan scan (the cleaner, also updated). I've extraced and replaced spool32.exe and iepeers.dll, I've reinstalled the printer with the most current drivers. I've removed IE with IEradicator and reinstalled v6 fresh and I have refreshed windows. Still the same problem. Hopefully (crosses fingers) someone out there will have an idea.
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If networked and using a network driver, bypass the network driver and set up a local driver with a port pointing to the printer address, if local, try the latest
print driver you can find. You might be able to setup a bogus printer and select print to file and see if it locks
up there, if printing to file is the only thing that works
try printing the plt file thru another program.


HA! Solved the problem myself.....sorta. The printer is a HP Deskjet 920, but when I changed it's drivers to a HP Deskjet 600, everythong works fine, something to do with those specific drivers. As it is working ok now, I think I'll leave well enough alone and call it good.
I had a similar problem with IE 5.0..... you could try upgrading IE and switching back to the 920 driver.  (that is what I ended up doing)  I had a Cannon BJC4100 at the time.
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chk the CONFIG.SYS file if it is not there then cerate as follow,

save it and restart PC.
Good Luck
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