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Hi All!
I have used MS VB6 Package and deployment Wizard for an installation program of my VB Project.But the problem is that it does not separate the Access DataBase from the EXE file.Its causing me problem in a way that i cant take the back of my DataBase.Is there anyway to get it right through PDW or i have to use some third party utitlity.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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when you are in the PDW-included files screen, find the access database and uncheck it.

You have two options with you.
1. Create a new package. Access by default would not be included in that package. So dont include Access.

2. Include Access in you package. When you go ahead in the wizard, an Install Option screen props up wherein you can specify the exact path where you want to install Access. You will have to use the scrollbar to move to your right to see that option. Install Access whereever you want.
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