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Let me start off by saying I know nothing about Illustrator or Quark Express.  My printer went out of business recently, but before he did, he gave me a copy of my logo on CD, in EPS format.  He gave me two kinds:  One that I cannot load, because it always tells me that I am missing "University Roman."

(Incidentally, if anyone wants to be nice and send me that font my e-mail is - I have had no luck finding it at "font" websites.)

The other EPS file does in fact load up, with the University Font and everything, but I get the feeling that this is a "snapshot" kind of deal.  I can't seem to "grab" and move the image parts, like on the one with the "replacement" font.

So anyway...  A friend of mine, who is currently in Europe, allowed me access to his home where he has Quark 5.0 and Illustrator 10 installed on his PC.

Now I have to create an advertisement, with my logo, VERY SOON!  The publisher will only accept EPS files.  I either have to pay him to do it ($800), or just do this myself.  Since I have a VERY limited budget, I cannot pay the guy $800.  (Plus, I know what I want the ad to say, I just need to type the sucker.)

Okay, so here's my question:

I tried to open the snapshot EPS thing with Quark, and it said that it could not open files of that version.  Whatever that means.

I basically need to plug this EPS graphic into something- Qwark, Word, Whatever- just so I can type out my ad's text underneath my logo and send it to the publisher.

Is there another program I could use?  I could always download a demo of something else, just to get this thing done...

Sorry for the lengthy question.  I just figured I would answer all of the potential queries in advance.


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Okay.  Please disregard the question above.

I figured out that I need to insert a picture box in quark, and then browse to the picture.

But I'm having a new problem:  When I put the TIFF file, or PDF file, or whatever, into the picture box, it is of very poor quality.  

The picture box is the exact same size as the TIFF (i also tried EPS), in inches.

The picture is obscured, and looks the way a picture would look if you magnified a much smaller picture.  Like that.

Thank you in advance.

you'll need a image previewer to view that low rez image you are seeing right now. you can't either view or print in high resolution.

Quark helps you to layout the page but it only let you see that low rez image to save you processing resources. I usually edit all my images in photoshop and or illustrator then just layout my final page in quark. don't worry.. once this file is send to professoinal printer it will turnout alright.

To make that simpler, quark displays a "proxy" image which is a low rez version. It does this to preserve system resources. When the quark document prints the image will be full quality.
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I have the font you are looking for on my version of Adobe Illustrator. I am a graphic designer and I can convert the files for you, if you would like, so that you can have the eps version of your logo that isn't in a "snapshot" form as you put it.  It's a very simple process actually.  Or, you can try to do it yourself by opening up illustrator, and opening the file there.  If you get an error message that the font is not available then try the other version.   If that one will open... select the type, go to the top and select the type button to drop down the menu of choices and click on "create as outlines".  Once you have converted the text to outlines it will open in any program because the text is no longer considered to be text, each letter is converted into separate graphic objects.  Once you convert them to outlines you can NO LONGER convert the letters back into type.  So if you do this, make sure that you save both versions.
Best of luck,


Thanks for all the input everyone!  I am actually getting this thing done now.

videogirl32--  quick question.  I appreciate your input and am going to try what you suggested.  However, my logo is in University Roman and the rest of my ad is going to be in Garamond.  Not a huge deal....  But ideally, my address and phone number that I will put directly below my logo in the ad (think letterhead here) would be in University Roman.  

I don't know why you have that font and I don't!  Did you download it from someplace?  I don't know the legalities of "fonts" per se, but if fonts are something that we can share (and I think we can), could you PLEASE e-mail it to me?

Thank you all very much!
You have to be VERY careful about fonts. Many are shareware but the standards are often copyrighted by someone like Adobe, etc.
I have the font because it came with my Illustrator.  The font after I looked it up is indeed a copyrighted Adobe font.  I don't know why you didn't get it as well, unless you are using a mac version.  I have PC at home unfortunally I haven't been able to purchase a mac for home use yet.  That could explain why you don't have the same fonts.  The fonts are for the most part similiar on both platforms, but there are some differences between them.  You can however go to and download University Roman for a small fee.  I think it's somewhere around $7 or $8.  
As for the change of fonts for the rest of the text, I highly recommend doing so. The reason is because you want your logo to stand out from the rest of the ad. Just make sure you don't use more than two or three at most fonts.  Too many fonts and it becomes distracting.

Best of luck, let us know how it turns out.
oops make that $21 for the font.  Which includes 7 styles.


Sorry I forgot about this one...

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