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how do I read in a file into structure variables?
any help is greatly appreicate.
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What kind of file? What is the file format? Do you have any code thus far?

Can u give the example of file content?
Is it a text file or binary file?
If you are using a structure to write to the file (The contents will be binary in this case), then the same structure can be used to read from the file.
Otherwise, you have to have a standard format for your text file and all the records have to follow the same format. I will explain the way it is to be done by taking a simple example. Say, you are using a text file and each record contains an integer id, a name (string of characters), address (string of characters) and salary (floating point number).
Then your structure definition will look like this:
struct record {
   int id;
   char name[25];
   char addr[25];
   float salary;
} rec1;

Now you can use fopen() to open the file [FILE *fp; fp = fopen("data.txt", "r");].
fread() to read the contents of the file to structure [fread((struct record *) &rec1, sizeof(rec1), 1, fp); ]
fclose() to close the file [fclose(fp);]

If you have many records, then keep fread() in a while loop and do it until you get EOF.

Hope this solves your problem.

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