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I just got a new(new to me) internal Jetdirect card for a laserjet4.
i configured the IP. it is pingable. i can telnet to it.
When i hit print, nothing happens.

-it works fine when i print via DLC.
-i try the HP sw to update the firmware but it says the firmware is up to date.
-upon telnet, running monitor, the state keeps changing between printing and idle while printer status stays at offline.

Any solution is appreciated.
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What operating system are you running?  The installation of the printer port will vary depending on your OS.

Resetting the JetDirect card to factory defaults correct many problems. Since you mentioned this was a used card, perhaps there is a stored setting that is interfering with your particular printer.

Most internal HP JetDirect cards can be reset to factory defaults (or cold-reset) by turning the printer off and holding down the ONLINE (or GO) button while turning the printer back on. The printer control panel display should display "Cold Reset", or "Restoring Factory Settings", or something similar.

You should print a configuration page prior to cold-resetting that way you have a reference to what had been previously stored, in case you need to restore a prior setting (like IP address, etc).

It looks like you can connect to the device, telnet, ping, however you just cannot send the job to print.

No matter waht your firmware revision, we need to know your print path.

The HP reccommended way is to download a program called Install Network Printer Wizard (INPW) and run that, it will create ports called HP standard tcp/ip ports and bind the driver you select to that port.

It is also capable of using IPX.

By the way you said you can print over DLC.
Is it HP Network port???

If so you have the option of either Job-based, or continuous connection.

If at continuous please change to job based, as continuous will keep the port open permanently - it locks out other connections.

Hope this helps

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