dns resolve probelm .... Win2000 Domain conflict with real domain??

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Hi all,

we are having a probelm with our dns resolving in our internal domain=mfs.com and external domain www.mfs.com/mfs.com

while we try to do a nslookup with www.mfs.com

the 2000 domain will resolve the domain to our internal IP.
nslookup www.mfs.com
server:  <-- this is our internal dns server

but if we try to do a lookup outside our internal network (e.g. at home)it rans propaly

nslookup www.mfs.com
server: 202.xxx.xxx.xxx <--- our domain dns server

what i guess now is the internal DNS recognize our internal domain .. so that it wont forward the DNS query of mfs.com to any external DNS server..... ?!?!?!

so what can i do to make it relove the REAL/EXTERNAL mfs.com with a DNS server outside???

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Configure your clients with your outside DNS server address in TCP/IP properties --> Advanced--> DNS
or Remove that name entry in your internal DNS server.


what i do now is to add the secondary DNS server with the outside DNS server. its seems working fine :)

and what do u mean by remove the THAT name entry in our internal DNS server???
you meant i have to remove the mfs.com from our internal dns server???? but if i do so .. will the domain clients becomes not able to login ???

Thanks in advance

You have created a small problem for yourself with regards to resolving external hosts that are in the mfs.com namespace.  Here's how you can minimize the pain:

Configure your clients to have your W2K DNS server as primary, and the external DNS server as secondary.  Then, add a new host entry named WWW to your internal DNS server with the IP address being the correct external IP address of your www.mfs.com web server.  You must keep your internal clients configured with the internal DNS server, they need this to work with AD.  Each time you have an additional external host brought up you will need to configure a host entry on your internal DNS server with the correct external IP address.

The only external host you absolutely will not be able to resolve is one named simply mfs.com.

Your guess is correct.  Your internal DNS server abolutely believes that it is authoritative for the mfs.com domain.  It will give an authoritative answer back to a requesting client.  That client will not attempt to ask another configured DNS server because it received an authoritative answer.

This is a very common problem, a better way to set up internal namespace is to just use .local.  It avoids this problem altogether.



thanks dave :) for your detailed explaination
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