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I'd like to write an application in Java that write in a Table say myTable constructed as follow:
myTable (int primaryKey, Clob myClob).
The element to Insert in the Clob field is String which have more than 3000 characters.

How can I convert String to Clob?

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Typically, the Clob class will be provided by the JDBC driver vendor. So converting a string into Clob depends on the API provided by the vendor.
For Oracle it is present in the Oracle.jar. Full classname is oracle.sql.CLOB

You create an instance of CLOB by
DBConnection connection = //get connection;
String s = //3000 chars;
oracle.sql.CLOB cl = new oracle.sql.CLOB(connection);
cl.putString(0, s);

Alternativley you could also write:
oracle.sql.CLOB cl = new oracle.sql.CLOB(connection, s.getBytes());

You retrieve the string by:
String s = cl.getSubString(0, cl.length());


Thanks gsatsan..

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