blank screen after installing mother board

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i have a blank screen after building a computer ..all fans and hard drives are running but not monitor hard drive was from old computer .but is practically new ..i have tried two diferent mother boards and same thing ihave also tried differnt monitor to no avail ... should'nt my bios show up?  also have tried differnt video card..  ..
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Actually, I had one PC which exhibited this problem due to a RAM module which didn't want to co-exist with the new RAM I'd just bought, but I suspect that was an unusual situation.

What I would do is this: take the motherboard out of the case (just in case the problem is due to a short between the motherboard and the metal backplane) and lay it on a NON-CONDUCTIVE surface. Plug in one stick of RAM, the video card, and the CPU. Wire up the power supply and the case wires from the case to the appropriate places on the motherboard, and try turning it on. If the BIOS screen shows up under these circumstances then you know the core components are working OK; otherwise there's a fault right there.
Hi.  If it will not post; either the memory is set wrong or the Mobo settings are incorrect.  Recheck all your setting and make sure the memory is what is called for on the new mobo.  If you had PC100 and your new mobo uses PC133 the PC100 will gereally work if configuration are the same.  Note that some memory are 5Volt, some 3.3Volt and some Mobo require that you set this either in the BIOS or through jumpers.  Memory is "backwards" compatable.. not always forward compatable.  But it sure sounds like the memory to me.  Just recheck everything as to the jumpers/setting for the CPU (voltage/multiplier/etc., if not automatic), memory type; timing set in BIOS and voltage setting.  Fact is if the Mobo is set correctly, the CPU is set correctly, and the memory is the correct type... and the sys will not post... then check the power supply... is it enough to handle the new build?

Other possibility... video card is not set to be used in the BIOS.  Does this unit have "onboard video" and you put in a card??  If so... did you "disable" the onboard so there is no conflict?  Your problem is "basic" setup configuration.  The sys does not need a hard drive to post.

Hope this assists.  God Bless.

>>>>Next time also please say what OS you're using.<<<


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