Setting Database Password at runtime

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Hello friends,

I have another question. I am using Microsoft Access
database, Crystal Report 9 and VB6. I defined a
password for my database, my problem is that when
I want to run the report through my VB6 application
I get this error:
     Logon failed.
     Details: DAO Error Code: 0xbd7
     Source: DAO.Workspace
     Description: Not a valid password.
Please let me know how can I set the password at
run-time for the reports, or how can I solve this

Thanks for your help,
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I know, I made a mistake. :(
Any way if anybody in this group can help me, I
appreciate that. Thanks
Depends on how you are running the report from VB.  If you are using the CrystalReports OCX, you can use:

CrystalReport1.Password = "mypassword"
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Thanks a lot bhess1, but I am using RDC not OCX.
Here is a sample application from Crystal Decisions, showing how to use the RDC to to dynamically set the password for a report connected to a Microsoft Access database (with database level security).


Thanks a lot. You are great. :)

I am having this problem now and the link doesn't work.. Anybody know anything about this solution?

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