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I have a windows 2000 PC and everytime it boots up it just automatically reboots. I even tried safe mode and still the same thing. I can boot with startup disks and the PC works fine. Just not booting up on the hard drive. What could be causing this?
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Hi There,

Try running the recovery console from the windows 2000 Setup.

Boot from 2000 CD, From Setup choose Repair and then recovery conso9le.

You will be prompted to select the installion which is usually 1 if you only have one O/S Installed.

Once on the Recovery Console Prompt, type Fixboot.

This will hopefully fix your boot sequence.

There is also a Fixmbr command, but seeming as you are booting past the boot record I'm going to assume that this is OK.


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Tried Fixboot and still the same thing. I have taken the hard drive out and put it into several known good machines too. It does the same thing on all of them. It is always at the same point in the boot process. When the white progress bar gets to about the 100% mark and Win2000 usually goes to the graphical boot screen. Any more ideas anyone???

RAM - replace your ram with other sticks or if not available, try changing the slot it is in. I have seen this be the cause of your situation in the past, so i would definitely replace ram for testing.
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The RAM would be a possibility if it only did this on one PC. But I have taken the hard drive and put it into my personal PC and set it up to boot. It still reboots everytime at the same point. My RAM is good on my machine so that can't be it.

Have you taken everything off these machines except for the video card? I would try taking every other device off and simply leave video , and booting into safe mode even with this configuration. Reason is I would love to see your event viewer and hopefully determine which device (or even more likely - service) is the faulty application installed. one tool you can use in the recovery console is to disable or delete services from executing upon start up, and i am wondering also if you tried to stop a service recently installed and/or constantly monitoring your system, such as an antivirus or firewall program. Even if they may have worked in the past, a recent automatic update while you were away could have triggered these actions, therefore troubleshooting these is also a possibility if you need the drive working and no options of format/reinstall....

Hi rayman2000,
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I never got a correct answer. Had to re-format the hard drive and re-install windows. Everything worked fine after that
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