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hi, i'm looking for article regarding what files/direc are important on productiver server? Let say I update linux from older ver to newer by erasing everything. But i want to configuration files remain. what should I take under consideration? what directory should be recommanded to put into difff partitions?  Papers / urls / books would be appriciated

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That depends on what Linux you are using and what services the box provides (and how those services are set up).

For example, on a RedHat system that only has ordinary Linux accounts one will need data from /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, /etc/gshadow, and /home (and possibly /root) saved for the new system. Depending on the degree of system customization done you might also need /etc/skel. And if the box exports home dirs via NFS you want /etc/exports. Other things that might need to be saved might include the contents of /var/spool/mail.

If the system happened to be a web server you'd probably want all of the above, plus your httpd.conf and any certificates that might be in use and web content, where ever you have it.
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