Passing form data to an IFRAME that loads another site?

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Here's my situation.  I have a consumer product site that has its own e-commerce system.  However, the client uses Yahoo! Store for their shopping cart.  When the customer needs to view their shopping cart by clicking the 'shopping cart' link I just load up the Yahoo! Store shopping cart into an IFRAME.

Right now when a user clicks 'Add to Cart' I have a form with hidden fields that passes the necessary form data to Yahoo! to populate this shopping cart.  The problem is that I need to be able to pass that form data to the IFRAME that I display the Yahoo Store shopping cart in, otherwise the shopping cart pops up in the main browser window taking the users away from my clients site.

Any idea on how I can do this?

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cant you do this with the target attribute?

target=frame I display the Yahoo Store shopping cart in


The problem is the IFRAME I am hitting is in another page.  Here's a bit of a better description.

ProductPage.asp -> User clicks 'Add To Cart'
ProductPage.asp -> Pass form values to Yahoo Shopping Cart
(What happens now)
Yahoo Shopping Cart opens in full screen replacing ProductPage.asp
(What I need to happen)
ProductPage.asp -> Pass form values to ShoppingCart.asp targeting the IFRAME in ShoppingCart.asp which loads Yahoo shopping Cart.

Is this possible?
I found this didnt try it but I know you can do it in a number of ways, this being one.

You can submit a FORM to a new window with
  <FORM TARGET="_blank" ...>
but that newly opened window has the standard dimensions and features.
If you want to set the features of the window then use the onsubmit
handler to open a window with a certain name and the desired features
first, then set the FORM's TARGET to the window name before submitting
the FORM:

function openTarget (form, features, windowName) {
  if (!windowName)
    windowName = 'formTarget' + (new Date().getTime()); = windowName;
  open ('', windowName, features);

<FORM ACTION="whatever"
(this, 'width=300,height=300,resizable=1,scrollbars=1'); return true;"

The openTarget function needs at least two arguments, without the third
it always opens a new window (like target _blank) but you can provide a
third argument for the window name to reuse the window later.
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